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Who We Are

Carr Adjusters, LLC

specializes in obtaining the absolute maximum amount available from your residential or commercial property insurance claims. Insurance companies spend millions of dollars every year to convince you of their credibility and fairness. At the same time, they are training their adjusters to pay you as little as possible when a loss occurs.


Until now, because most policies are difficult to interpret and hard to understand, you have been at the mercy of “what they think is fair” in the settlement of your insurance claim. It is our job to see that you receive the MAXIMUM amount payable under your policy.


Carr Adjusters, LLC has over 50 years of combined experience in the insurance industry. This can mean thousands of additional dollars for you when you let Carr Public Adjusters represent you in the settlement of your next commercial or residential insurance claim.



We’re spiffing up our site to provide you with more information.  Until then, call us and we’ll answer any questions you have about hiring a public insurance adjuster.

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